Product Description

Sideshow and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are proud to present the Evil Ryu Ultra 1:4 Scale Statue.

Evil Ryu stands about 20.5ā€ tall atop a stylized Suzaku Castle base, while translucent purple energy surges around the statue as he charges his iconic Hadoken attack. This Ultra 1:4 Scale Statue is completely sculpted, faithfully referencing actual in-game models to ensure character accuracy. Evil Ryuā€™s muscled physique and tattered black gi, red headband, and brown gloves are all detailed with lifelike textures. His portrait features brown hair and black eyes with fiery red irises, adding a sense of danger to this dynamic Street Fighter statue.

Hit the Character Select screen and add the Evil Ryu Ultra 1:4 Scale Statue from Pop Culture Shock to your Street Fighter collection today!

This is a preorder for an upcoming product.