Product Description

Sideshow and First 4 Figures are excited to present the Link on Horseback Statue!

This statue captures the majestic moment of Link on his steed rearing up! His ensemble which includes his Champion’s Tunic and Hylian Trousers has been realistically textured in gorgeous detail, much like his steed and other elements of this intricate statue. Link’s items such as the rucksack, Traveler’s Shield, and most importantly, his Sheikah Slate, are also included in incredible detail.

The base has stone symbols engraved along the side and vines wrapping around the stone to give it an ancient and magical look. Light and dark shades were used to create depth to further emphasize the texture.

Don’t miss your chance to add this Link statue to your The Legend of Zelda collectibles display today!

This is a preorder for an upcoming product.