Product Description

Sideshow and Lladró present the Queen Amidala in Throne Room Figurine!

”The most important challenge when it came to making this piece was the meticulous care lavished on the details, the ornamentation of the costume and the headdress, in order to guarantee that they would be as faithful as possible. This was particularly true for the facial expression. Given that the overall pose is static, in order to convey Amidala’s personality all the strength had to be captured in the face, so special attention was paid to the gaze. She is one of the most highly defined female characters and to whom most interesting things happen. In this first work she is depicted as a queen in the highest degree, so her expression has to be regal.

However, she is 15 years of age, her world is under siege and cut off from the rest of the galaxy by the Trade Federation, it is about to be militarily invaded and the Jedi who the Chancellor supposedly sent to negotiate have disappeared. Almost 800 hours of work in the brand’s various departments which cooperated in the creation went into ensuring the fantastic end result of this piece.”

Finished in white matte porcelain with touches of glaze, enamels and golden luster, the piece is decorated with the character’s signature colors. It depicts Queen Amidala in ceremonial robes, celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace. The piece premiered at the Comic-Con International 2019 in San Diego. Perfect for collectors of fantasy characters and fans of Star Wars. Handcrafted in Spain.

This is a preorder for an upcoming product.