Product Description

Darkside Collectibles Studio proudly presents Sarah Connor 30th Anniversary Premium Statue.

The artisans of Darkside Collectibles Studio with an unparallel quality in art, engineering, and craftsmanship proudly present Sarah Connor, based on the legendary franchise Terminator 2 Judgment Day.

The scene is set in the desert sunset outside Enrique Salceda’s house. A hideout where Sarah Connor stacks her arsenal for the upcoming war against the machines.

With a stunning likeness of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, the statue represents the fearless side of the heroine while she prepares for the assassination of Miles Dyson in a desperate attempt to change the future and prevent judgment day from happening.

Sarah is presented combat-ready in her Tactical outfit holding the assault rifle used for the assassination of Miles Dyson. Her costume features high detailed accessories sculpted to the finest detail. Extraordinary realistic textures complete her stunning presentation.

A removable cigarette completes the exact detail scene of the movie. The statue features a complete diorama base with all the major weaponry used in the film and iconic details such as the NO FATE sign.

Highly detailed and accurate the statue has been developed under the supervision of Studio Canal for a stunning result of the iconic character. The finest sculpting details are implemented in this statue to guarantee the satisfaction of all Terminator Fans.