Thanks for shopping at Comics Infinity!

We’ve been in business since 1999, and our job is to bring you all the best new collectibles from the most awesome manufacturers. Please check out our policies and store info below to find out how everything works.

The Quick Version:

Here’s how ordering from us works, step by step!

1) Place Your Order

When you place your preorder through our website, you will pay for the subtotal (plus tax, if applicable) at that time.

2) Pay the Shipping

When your preordered item arrives, we will send you a Paypal invoice for the shipping amount.

3) Get Your Stuff!

Once you’ve paid for the shipping, your order will be complete, and we will ship it out to you. Ta-da!

The Fine Print

(or, all the stuff that’s too boring to list above)


All the items listed on our site are upcoming collectibles that have not released yet. When you place an order, you are reserving the item so that you can get it when it eventually is released.

Many of the items we carry are in high demand and sell out long before they are released. To get ahead of the rest of the pack, you can preorder upcoming items. When you place a preorder, we increase our order with the manufacturer to be sure to cover your order. All of our stock sells out through preorder, meaning that we stop selling it either when we have taken our maximum number of orders or when it releases. Preordering is the only way to get these items through us, so please don’t wait until the last minute to place your order.


We accept payment via Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can pay using your regular credit card through Paypal’s website. Just follow the instructions in the checkout process, and it’ll show you what to do.

You will pay the subtotal for your order at the time you complete the checkout. At that point, you will have paid for everything except the shipping. We will send you a Paypal invoice to your email for the shipping amount once your item is ready to ship.

Sales Tax

We charge 6% sales tax for orders shipping to Florida addresses. If we ship your order outside of Florida, there is no sales tax.

International Orders

Yes, we ship internationally! The shipping rate we charge for international orders is based solely on the USPS rates for the package. Any additional fees or rates your particular country may charge upon arrival do not go to us, so they’ll have to be your responsibility.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security are very important to us. We use the information you provide us only for processing your orders, contacting you about your orders, and e-mailing you our newsletter if you give us permission to do so. In instances when items will be drop shipped to you from a manufacturer or distributor, we will provide that company with your name and mailing address so that they can complete your order. Aside from that exception, we absolutely do not share your personal information with any outside companies under any circumstances. We are committed to providing you with a safe and convenient shopping experience.

Address Changes

We’ll be more than happy to help you if your shipping address changes after you place your order. You’ll just need to email us via the Contact link above to let us know your new address. We will get it updated in our system so that we send your order to the right place.

If you update your address on the “My Account” page, that will apply for all future orders. You still need to contact us directly to let us know you need to change your address for previously placed orders.

If you do not notify us of an address change and we ship an order to your old address, we will try to reroute the package to your correct address. We can’t be responsible for lost packages due to this situation, however, and we will have to pass any additional expense for redirecting the delivery on to you. Please remember to let us know if you move!


Some of our products will drop ship to you directly from the manufacturer or distributor when they’re released. Others will ship to us first, and then we will send them along to you. We use USPS as our primary shipper, and our suppliers use a combination of UPS, USPS, and FedEx for deliveries.

All shipping charges are based on the final size and weight of your package, as well as on your location. Because of that, we can’t calculate the exact shipping until your preordered item arrives and can be weighed. At that time we will send you a Paypal invoice for the shipping amount to complete your order. We will send your order out to you once you’ve completed the final payment.

Please note: Comics Infinity can not be responsible for packages that are misplaced or stolen after delivery. If your shipment tracking shows that your package has been delivered successfully, that shipment is no longer in our hands and can not be considered as lost for purposes of insurance or replacement.

Release Dates

None of the products we carry have firm release dates, and all of them are subject to release delays due to various factors in production and distribution. For this reason, please do not worry if your order seems to be taking a while to release. We’ll keep your order on file, and we’ll get your items out to you as soon as they finally are released.


We are not able to refund the preorder deposits that you pay at the time you place your order, so please make sure that you want the items before you order them. We will refund your deposit if the manufacturer cancels the item before release, or if we are unable to get it for you for any reason. Aside from those cases, we are unable to refund any preorder deposits.

Once your item is ready to ship, you will have two weeks to complete the payment for the shipping. If you do not respond within two weeks, we will have to cancel your order as unclaimed. We are unable to refund deposits in this instance.


If you are dissatisfied with any item you purchase from our web site due to an error we made, you can return it within one week of receiving it. Please e-mail us before returning any items so that we can work with you on the return process. Some item returns will be handled by the manufacturer or distributor, and we’ll be able to coordinate that for you. Returned items will be replaced with the same item you ordered.

Contacting Us

We do all our customer service via email so that both you and we can keep written logs of all our messages. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please feel free to write to us via the Contact link above.