Product Description

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the sci-fi classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sideshow and Darkside Collectibles Studio proudly presents T-1000 Liquid Metal 1:3 Scale Statue from the 30th Anniversary series.

Following the Sarah Connor statue and the T-1000 portrayed by Robert Patrick, Liquid Metal version is the third addition to the T2 30th Anniversary collectibles series.

T-1000 is Skynet’s elite assassin robot, whose body is composed entirely of a mimetic poly-alloy (liquid metal) that allows it to assume the form of other objects or people of equal mass. Able to liquify quickly, transform innovatively, change its color and texture to simulate clothes and other nonmetallic materials including morphing its body parts into solid metal tools or bladed weapons, T-1000 is the ultimate infiltration assassin machine.

T-1000 mostly disguises itself as a police officer to gain trust, access information, and provide a benign appearance. Darkside Collectibles Studio TM artisans captured and brought to life the exact turning point from liquid metal machine to police deceiver transformation. The Statue features high detail screen accurate Robert Patrick’s likeness wearing the police officer costume as seen in the movie just before color is applied.

A high detailed light-up themed base completes a stunning screen accurate representation of the scene.

Highly detailed and accurate the statue has been developed under the supervision of Studio Canal for a stunning result of the iconic character. The finest sculpting details are implemented in this statue to guarantee the satisfaction of all Terminator Fans.

This is a preorder for an upcoming product.